Another Black Must-have : Black Pumps

Black is the most versatile color in the fashion sense. It goes well with any color combination and clothing coordinates. Just as having black dresses, skirts and trousers is a must, so does having classic black suede pumps. The black pumps should be in any woman’s shoes rack, and luckily, you can find them in wide widths from established shoe companies.

Any woman with shoes in plus sizes can tell you that shopping in any shoe stores can be frustrating and sometimes impossible. You may find it in specialty women plus sizes stores but they sometimes even do not offer wide width shoes. However, what we lose in convenience, we make up for in quality, as manufacturers of wide width shoes create high quality classic black suede pumps ; and you can keep these in longer periods with proper shoe care.

Since it is agreed that women plus sizes should have wide width classic black pumps, it should not come in any form or material. Choose plus sizes black pumps in quality leather, or possibly suede. The heels should not be too low or too high with one to two inches as the correct height. In equal importance, the style of the pump should not be trendy and too stylish: exquisite toe box shapes or odd cutouts are definitely not neat to look at. The point of the classic suede pump is, like all black wardrobe staples, that it can go anywhere, anytime. When there is no other shoes that goes well with your chosen attire, you can grab these and still looks appropriate.

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